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Charlotte de Charentenay (b1976) graduated from the University of Lyon II in France with a BA in Art History in 1997. She first learned Sculpture at Les Beaux Arts during evening classes, which she took in parallel with her university studies.  She furthered her education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 2011-12.  A move to Hong Kong in 2013 brought the opportunity to discover the art of Ceramics which particularly inspires Charlotte. She was involved with The Sprouts Foundation programs helping children through art by running weekly Ceramics workshops. In 2016, back in Singapore, Charlotte found inspiration in the beauty of Nature, which fascinates her and nourishes her reflection and her work. 


Meditation on the loss of connection with one’s roots is a recurring theme in her work: losing one’s bearings, one’s soil, one’s centre of gravity. For her, sculpting is like writing a feeling or drawing an emotion, where gentleness, frailty and strength awaken one’s senses. It is a way for her to express herself when words fail. This wonderment for nature is a source of internal serenity.


Charlotte has exhibited in collective exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore and recently relocated to Paris where she now lives and works.



Her recent group exhibitions include Frangipani Aura (2022, Spotts Gallery, Singapore); Nuages (2022, Art Agenda, Singapore); Influencers (2021, Alliance Française, Singapore); Fauna Allegoria (2021, Spotts Gallery, Singapore); The Call of the SEA (2021, Selegie Art Centre, Singapore); The French Honk Kong Life (2017, Visual Arts Center, Hong Kong) ; Made in Fantaisy (2016, French May Festival, Visual Arts Center, Hong Kong)





Nuages explores the limitless of human mind when creating art – LUXUO, Art Republik :


Reconnect with nature at Fauna Allegoria – LUXUO, Art Republik :

L’appel du LARGE – Exposition collective de 12 femmes artistes :



The Call of the Sea : a exhibition by female artists to foster art without borders :

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