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Charlotte de Charentenay (b1976) graduated from the University of Lyon II in France with a BA in Art History in 1997. She first learned Sculpture at Les Beaux Arts during evening classes, which she took in parallel with her university studies.  She furthered her education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 2011-12.  A move to Hong Kong in 2013 brought the opportunity to discover the art of Ceramics with which Charlotte is particularly fascinated. She was involved with The Sprouts Foundation programs to help children through art, by running weekly Ceramics workshops.


Now living in Singapore, Charlotte de Charentenay finds serenity in nature. For her, sculpting is like writing a feeling or drawing an emotion, where gentleness, frailty and strength awaken one’s senses.



Charlotte de Charentenay出生于1976年,1997年毕业于法国里昂第二大学 (University of Lyon II) 艺术史系本科。大学期间,她在里昂艺术学院 (Les Beaux Arts) 夜校中开始学习雕塑。2011至2012年期间,她在新加坡南洋艺术学院 (the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) 继续进修雕塑。2013年Charlotte移居香港, 借此之机她发现了陶瓷艺术的奥妙并深深为之所吸引, 特别是其中的上釉技巧。她由此加入了香港思培基金会的项目, 每周为儿童开展陶瓷课程。自2016年8月以来,Charlotte转而开始在新加坡生活并工作。




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